Tips on Maximizing Space in a Dorm Room

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The Container Store shows us some of the must haves for your college dorm room.


Dorm room closets usually have one thing in common: they’re tiny, dark and they don’t have enough space! Most of these closet spaces only have one rod that offers 3-5 feet of storage – and in some cases this is shared between two roommates!


Before leaving home, select clothes that you really believe you’ll need at college or at least for the first semester. This prevents unnecessary items in your closet.  And to maximize the storage potential of your closet, use hangers that will hold several garments in a very small amount of space or consider a rod doubler that creates an added layer of hanging space!


Walls & Doors

Due to strict guidelines set by residence hall officials, drilling and nails are often not allowed.  So what can you do to make the most out of your walls and doors?


Look to your walls and doors to store more than just posters.  You can use adhesive hooks to hang anything from a bathrobe to a plant without damaging the wall surface.  They easily remove from dorm room walls and can be reused.



Standard-issued dorm room desks generally don’t provide a whole lot of storage space for all the books, notebooks and supplies you’ll need to have within reach.


Use the vertical space above your desk by adding a freestanding shelf – this will give you more space for personal items like picture frames.  Also, use colored organizers such as this document box to separate projects, notebooks and personal documents that normally would clutter a desk



Chances are this may be the students first time to do laundry and there is a good possibility they’ll have to haul their laundry up and down several staircases throughout the course of their college career – it can be such a pain!  Choose a laundry solution that is portable, easy to carry and will hold all of their clothing.



If you share a common bathroom in the dorm, you’ll need to have a portable solution for all your shower gear. Consider a carrying tote that has a handle for quickly grabbing and holes at the bottom for drainage.



And then where are you going to put  everything else that you simply can’t leave behind? Look for every inch of available space and maximize every area include under the bed, over the door, on the walls, on the floor – wherever you can find a bit of open space.  Think about storage that serves dual purposes since it will be a small space – for example, use your trunk as a coffee table or eating surface and then consider boxed chairs that double as storage!