Test ride a driverless shuttle in Denver on Wednesday

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DENVER — You can take a ride Wednesday on what could be the future of public transit.

A driverless shuttle is available for test rides outside the Pepsi Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

RTD and its operating partner Transdev are demonstrating the technology this week.

The autonomous vehicle runs on a pre-established course for those who want to experience it.

French company EasyMile builds the driverless vehicle called the EZ10 shuttle.

It’s electric and can carry 12 people at once — six seated and six standing. It has no steering wheel and no dedicated front or back. It can travel about 12 mph.

“While we don’t have plans now to purchase these vehicles, it’s always useful to examine new ways of getting around and consider how agencies can work together to meet the mobility needs of our growing region,” RTD general manager Dave Genova said.

Hybrid sensors, object detection and an additional standalone collision-avoidance feature work together to keep the people movers and their users safe, according to a news release.

Systems embedded in the EZ10 shuttle protect passengers from road hazards and technical failures. Fleet management software enables remote and real-time monitoring and control.

Transdev soon will put these the driverless people movers on open roads in Normandy, France, and suburbs around Paris.