Neighbors want action to slow vehicles after one takes out fence

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ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. -- A car slammed into a fence in Aurora on Friday night and while everyone involved is OK, the homeowner who has to deal with the destruction said the accident is one example of the speeding problem along the road.

“This has always been my greatest fear,” homeowner Jennie Whited said.

Now that nightmare is reality. Cleanup efforts are underway to fix damages from the accident that happened in Whited's backyard.

“I thought I heard like clap of thunder,” Whited said. “It was a blessing that no one was hurt.”

A teenage driver hit another vehicle, lost control and landed on top of a fence, the Colorado State Patrol said.

It happened near the intersection of Versailles Parkway and Orchard Road in Arapahoe county. Troopers said the cause of the crash is speed and the driver was charged with careless driving.

“We have such an issue with speed," Whited said.

Lindsey Harrison lives down the street.

“The speed gets up to 50, 60 sometimes 70 miles and hour," she said.

Neighbors say it's a problem.

“All these cars are going slow because they see us out here, but this is not the norm,” Harrison said.

Friday's crash is an example of what residents say they worry about everyday.

“You’ve heard of people going through fences up and down this road," Danielle Trevino said. “This is not an isolated incident.”

“My biggest worry is somebody walking down the street and getting taken out by somebody speeding," Harrison said. “Something has to be done.”

The women will turn fear into action.

“We need to have more stop signs through here,” Trevino said.

They also say they'll use this crash as a talking point.

“I think it’s a reminder for everybody to slow down,” Whited said.

The residents said they are going to start a petition to try to get some conversation going with local leaders on how to address the issue.

Troopers said residents can call if they feel it's an ongoing issue. The Colorado State Patrol said it can add the area to its patrol list.