Photos: Catching up with Schuylar Croom and He Is Legend at the Moon Room

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Denver — He Is Legend’s Schuylar Croom is someone who is a great music maker, he’s rooted in rock and roll and reality. He’s down to earth. They’re out riding around in an RV on tour. Croom and the band are making their way enjoying mountains, lakes and nature. Schuylar says, “It’s changed our perspective on tour. Stopping at a campground rather than a hotel. You get to see friendly people, families, dogs. Cookout, see nature, more than the inside of a hotel room.”


Talking about the drive from Salt Lake City to Denver in their RV Schuylar says, “In that thing it turns into a 12 hour drive. We stop a lot. We’re comfortable. It’s nice having your own little tenement on wheels.”

Before your bicycle cost more than your car, your skis got more use than dress shoes, before #vanlife, there was rock and roll. People who are living in tiny homes, their Outback cars or recreational vehicles as a way to fulfill their souls are pretty rock and roll. These people understand autonomy and freedom. They’re living a real reality, a healthy life. There’s gravity in that reality too, it keeps you grounded to enjoy simple things. You go on the road to simply do what you love.

Musicians make music, it’s their love. They don’t let anything stop them from sharing a gift or a talent. It’s often never about anything else than being an artist and creating no matter the circumstances. He Is Legend’s latest album Few is crowd funded. “DIY is how we’d have to describe it for sure,” says Schuylar, “we had to go through booking rooms, getting studio time, lining everything up, figuring our distribution, all of that.” He continues “couldn’t be happier about that stuff. It gave us a closer connection to our fan base.”

Schuylar says, “I think it gave us a better opportunity to feel… After a certain amount of time you kind of lose track of your roots, who’s with you and who’s not. It’s kind of like you’re looking through rose colored glasses at everything.” About connecting to people through crowd funding, “I think it was a smart move, it was very tedious and taxing, but we learned a lot about the band.”

Schuylar’s got a long life playing music, he’s a rock star. His band has a sound you love like Avenged Sevenfold, he should be playing with Eagles of Death Metal or opening for Queens of the Stone Age. On stage, he’s killing at the Moon Room, the fans know it.

Asked what his favorite song to play right now is Schuylar says, “I kind of zone out when I’m on stage, there’s not a lot of recollection about what goes on until afterwards. I wouldn’t call it being in the moment. It’s kind of like being out of the moment. Kind of like a rollercoaster, you remember doing it, but you don’t remember every twist and turn. You just remember it as one big thing. I rode that ride. I turn on for that part.”

He is Legend is born with the strongest rock and roll DNA. Few is remarkable for a number of reasons. It’s a complete record, not just a hit or two, it’s metal, it’s rock, and it’s roots run back to the beginning of the band and their first album I Am Hollywood. From here the sound runs back even deeper, feels like Ultramega OK by Soundgarden and even a Led Zeppelin feeling “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” on the first notes of “Silent Gold.” After those bars it’s all original and uniquely their sound. Few has many feelings from one song to the next through beginning to end. There’s a lot of influence, much of it from their almost fifteen year career.

Schuylar on recording the record says, “I think it gave us a lot more freedom once we hit our mark. It gave us a lot more time to work and focus. Not really any different because our objective for crowd funding was to take the number we had from the previous record and work backwards and just basically break down the budget where everything went.”

He Is Legend is doing what they love. They’re seeing the two lane blacktop and the beauty of the country. They record music on their own terms. Working to travel, to play music and fans are getting a show.

Following them on Instagram, when they’re visiting Pappy and Harriets in the Palm Desert. The images are warm and inviting sun filled. From Kyuss to Mohave Lords born in the desert near there. They’re soaking in greatness of Joshua Tree, California.

Schuylar Croom’s grateful for the fans who helped make Few possible and He is Legend deserves the response the Moon Room fans give. Sing-a-longs and slam dancing, he is an amazingly performer on stage. The band’s records are crafted strong. Schuylar’s also grateful for the small quiet moments with the band. The moments of community the motorhome affords on the road. He Is Legend is worth checking out on stage, on record, or give them a nod if you see them in the campground next to yours.