National Filet Mignon Day

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Chef Roman Rodriguez from Ocean Prime shows us how to make the perfect Filet Mignon.

Au Poivre Base



Brandy            1.5 Qt

Cabernet jus  1 Qt

Cream             1 Qt


1) Reduce brandy in a medium sauce pot by 1/2

2) once reduced add cab jus and cream then bring to a simmer and reduce by half

3) whisk to incorporate and remove from heat





Peppercorn base


Green peppercorns   1Cup

Black peppercorns     1 Cup


1) coarse grind leaving it a bit chunky


Au Poivre Steak


peppercorn base   1Tbsp

blended oil             1Tbsp

Au poivre base       2oz

salt                           1 pinch

black pepper          1 crank

butter unsalted     1 Tbsp

minced parsley     1  tsp


1) Press one side of steak into ground peppercorn mixture

2) Sear pepper side down on in a hot saute pan with blended oil

3) once golden brown flip and sear second side to golden brown

4) Drain oil and deglaze with brandy then transfer steak to oven to cook to desired temperature

5) in a separate pan place desired amount of au poivre base and season with salt and black pepper. mount 1 Tbsp of butter per 2 oz of sauce and mix to incorporate.

6) once steak is cooked place on plate and cover steak with sauce on all sides.

7) Garnish with minced parsley and serve







Bone in Filet


Bone in filet    1 each

blended oil      1 Tbsp

kosher salt       1 Tbsp

black pepper   1 pinch

minced parsley 1 tsp

clarified butter  1Tbsp


1) dredge steak in oil and season with salt and black pepper

2) make sure broiler or grill grates are clean and oiled then broil/grill steak to desired temperature

3) once proper crust and temperature are reached remove steak from broiler and place into center of plate

4) drizzle clarified butter over top of steak

5) Garnish entire plate with parsley and finish with a pinch of kosher salt