Dog missing after I-70 crash reunited with seriously injured owner

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VAIL, Colo. -- A dog that went missing in an accident on Interstate 70 has made her way home.

According to Vail Doggie Day Spa and Lodging, a man and his four-legged friend Izzy were involved in a head-on collision when a driver crossed the median of the interstate.

The driver, Chance, lost his German shepherd Carlitos in the impact, but Izzy survived with only a sprained paw.

Izzy ran from the scene of the crash and went missing for five days.

People in Vail pulled together and with lots of teamwork, Izzy was found.

At the time Izzy was found, her owner was still in the hospital recovering from three surgeries.

Once Chance was strong enough to interact, he was reunited with his pooch on Friday.

"We are happy to reunite the two of them. Chance has a long healing road ahead of him, but with the help of your BEST friend he will be okay," Vail Doggie Day Spa and Lodging said in a statement.

"Best of Luck to you Chance while he heals at a friend's house outside of Denver area. Izzy will now be by his side. Rest In Peace Carlitos! You are missed."