School Supplies price comparison

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Eva Fry, from uGrocery shows us the best place to shop for school supplies.

Eva  compared 28 of the most popular school supplies across Walmart, Target, Staples, Amazon and local grocery store King Soopers to see which store had the best deals on supplies.

  • The results are as follows for these 28 items:
  • The surprising winner is King Soopers at $39.42 for these 28 items. Walmart is 2nd at $44.68, Target is 3rd at $48.91, Staples came in at $65.04, and Amazon Prime was more than double King Soopers prices at $84.94
  • Amazon pricing for school supplies is difficult to compare because the packaging is in bulk sizes, but I say skip Amazon and head to King Soopers, Walmart or Target for the best deals and selection.

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