Drug addiction: Warning signs for parents as students go back to school

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DENVER -- To look at J.C. Kaufman, you’d never guess he continues to battle addiction.

A healthy 31-year-old, the former Douglas County soccer star is now a recovering addict, finding a new path at a Jefferson County sober living facility.

He is the face of an ever-growing problem in the Centennial State:  Opioid usage.

Kaufman said he has experimented with drugs ranging from marijuana to oxycontin. Multiple arrests and incarceration convinced him it was time to seek help.

He is getting that help at the The Shores Treatment and Recovery, where the mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and loving environment, to allow patients to heal from their addictions.

An addiction specialist said with back to school at the top of mind for parents, they should watch out for certain warning signs from their children:

  • Isolation
  • Skipping class
  • Changes in personal hygiene
  • Changes in behavior or sleeping patterns