Voters to decide if Littleton keeps extra cash or gives it back

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- Voters in Littleton will decide in November if the city gets to keep excess money it made in fiscal year 2016 for road and safety improvements or if it must return it to residents.

The city generated more revenue than expected in 2016 and under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, it's up to residents to decide who gets to keep the extra money.

If voters allow the city to keep the extra money, it plans to spend $1,392,904 repaving residential streets and $545,000 on safety improvements to the intersection of West Bowles Avenue and South Federal Boulevard.

Voters also will be asked if they want to adjust the base used for calculating the TABOR limit.

The city said if voters approve the question, the revenue base will be updated to the 2016 level. If voters don’t approve the question, the city said there will likely be excess revenues in future years, which cannot be spent to meet city needs.

This is the sixth time since TABOR was approved in 1992 that Littleton residents have been asked to vote on excess revenue and the way it's spent.

"I think they should hold onto the money because it's such a little increment for each individual person to receive back," Matt Grilli said.

"I would vote to have the money back because the government has enough of our money," a resident said.

Voters can submit pros and cons on both sides of the issue to the city clerk by Sept. 22.

The city clerk will compile the statements and a mailer with impartial analysis of the options will be sent to voters ahead of November's election.