InstrumentHead exhibit

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Michael Weintraub is a CSU graduate who first worked as a staff photographer at Red Rocks many years ago. He's come a long way.

Now an internationally known photographer, Weintraub has found a niche that's become very popular.

His Instrument Head exhibit is now on display inside the Red Rocks' visitor center.

Michael's style is unique, he takes pictures of musicians while they hide their faces with their instruments.

He wants to educate the public through a guessing game. You learn who these disguised musicians are and what they've brought to the music world.

Most are not big stars, they are the back up musicians who can really make a song tick.

Weintraub has shown this exhibit around the world and has now put all of the photographs in a coffee table style book.

Proceeds are going to help older backup artists who are struggling financially.

The InstrumentHead exhibit runs through Saturday at Red Rocks.