Kids digging in the poop at Denver Zoo

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DENVER -- If you are offended by seeing the word "poop," you best not read the rest of this story.

Kids at the Denver Zoo were elbow deep in poop.

"We have our campers digging through bison poop today so that they can find dung beetles," said Ronnie Order, Denver Zoo camp and late elementary program specialist.

Twenty-four poop prospectors, wearing gloves and masks, were digging, probing and poking through 15 pounds of fresh bison biscuits.

They are looking for a tiny little fecal fella aptly named the dung beetle.

The Denver Zoo calls these little poo pickers citizen scientists.

"Citizen science is where average citizens at home participate in data collection or other endeavors for scientists," Order said.

It's like having someone else do the doo-doo dirty work.

"This beetle helps decompose and grows plants that look beautiful and continue the circle of life," 11-year-old Tristan Wells said.

All that wisdom from a little poop. Pretty impressive.

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