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Rep. Mike Coffman faces tough questions at town hall meeting

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HENDERSON, Colo. -- Congressman Mike Coffman hosted his second town hall in the Trump administration on Tuesday night at Prairie View High School.

"In this district, you have to listen to everybody," Coffman said to an auditorium of a couple hundred constituents.

The 90-minute event featured numerous interruptions from the crowd -- from cheers to boos depending on the topic.

Single payer, immigration, abortion, North Korea and President Donald Trump were questions that came up.

"Immigrants that have a violent record have no place here," Coffman said when asked about his recent positions on immigration and cracking down on sanctuary cities.

With health care, Coffman hoped a reform debate returns, promising to protect Medicaid eligibility as well as pre-existing conditions.

He said he just wants the funding to be  a 50-50 split between federal government and the states.

Coffman also pledged to put his name to an amicus brief that soon will be filed that strives to end gerrymandering nationwide.

Coffman's district is a rarity, with most districts across the country being heavily Republican or heavily Democrat.

In regards to President Trump and his new chief of staff, Coffman said he hopes John Kelly creates "discipline" that stops the "chaos from happening within this administration."

Afterward, many Democrats thought Coffman dodged many of their questions but did thank him for holding a meeting in person -- taking time to criticize Sen. Cory Gardner for not holding one this year.

Coffman did not comment on whether Gardner should host a town hall.