Can you find the penny worth $200?

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Kevin Torres put a penny worth $200 into circulation today at the King Soopers at Quincy & Buckley in Aurora. If you find it, all you have to do is take it to the World's Fair of Money this week and they'll give you $200.

The rare penny being deliberately placed into circulation in conjunction with the World's Fair of Money, through August 5 at the Colorado Convention Center, is worth $200.

It is dated 1914 and -- very important -- there is a small letter "D" just below the date on the front of the coin.  That letter "D" means it was made at the Denver Mint, 103 years ago.

Only a relatively few pennies were made at the Denver Mint in 1914, just under 1.2 million of them. That may seem like quite a few, but by comparison the Philadelphia Mint made more than 75 million Lincoln cents in 1914.

So, the 1914 Denver pennies are scarce and worth hundreds of dollars even in circulated condition.

So, look for a Lincoln cent that has BOTH the date 1914 and the mintmark "D" on the front, just to the right of President Lincoln.  That's the coin that is worth $200 if you bring it to the World's Fair of Money.