State releases inspection paperwork for rides at Colorado State Fair

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PUEBLO, Colo. — All of the amusement park rides scheduled to be at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo have been inspected and certified as safe, according to paperwork provided by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

According to the documents, the rides were inspected by a third party in October. The rides are a range of ages, with the oldest being a Tilt-a-Whirl, listed as being manufactured in 1966. The newest rides were manufactured in 2008.

On Wednesday, the Fireball ride malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair, sending a row of seats flying.

One person, a young Marine recruit, was killed and several other people were injured. All rides at the fair were shut down and rides similar to the Fireball were removed from fairs across the country.

At the Arapahoe County and Monte Vista fairs, the Freak Out ride was removed. Riders are spun around in a circle as the ride swings back and forth.

The Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety notified all operators not to put similar rides out until notice from the manufacturer KMG.

On Thursday, KMG put out a bulletin saying the Fireball rides should be taken out of service, but the Freak Out ride wasn’t similar enough to cease its operation.

The Division of Oil and Public Safety in Colorado determined that fairs could go back to using the Freak Out ride.

The Colorado State Fair is in Pueblo from Aug. 25 to Sept. 4.