New thrill ride is a first for Colorado and the world

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GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. — Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park opened its new thrill ride, the ‘Haunted Mine Drop’, to the public on Monday, making it the only underground drop tower ride in the world!

“When you talk to people they’ll tell you this is a world class, Disney-type, ride,” said Steve Beckley, the park’s owner.

Beckley, his wife and their team have been working on the ‘Haunted Mine Drop’ for nearly 4 years. Beckley always knew it would get finished.

“But there were sometimes when I wondered, ya know… it’s the middle of winter and we have crews down there trying to mine... We pulled out 1,500 tons of material and rock,” he said.

Beckley enlisted the help of internationally known ride designer Stan Checketts. Among the many rides he's designed, Checketts created the ‘Big Shot’ on top of The Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

“The whole thing is really unique. I don’t know of any place else where they have a mine drop ride like this,” Checketts said.

The ‘Haunted Mine Drop’ drops guests 110 feet into the Rocky Mountains. You’re in complete darkness most of the time.

“I was totally blown away,” Checketts added.

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