Thieves caught on camera taking thousands in roofing materials

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DENVER -- After days of missing materials, a contractor set up a camera and caught two men stealing shingles from one of his sites.

“It’s a little bit of a melee out here,” contractor John Schroder said.

Months after metro Denver's destructive spring hailstorm, contractors continue to work on repairs.

“I have another at least 40 residential jobs lined up,” another contractor, Sean Robnett, said.

When someone steals materials used to fix those damages, it created a little bit of a mess.

“Not only does it hold up my crews and these people’s lives, but it also holds up the entire check because we don’t take any money up front,” Robnett said. “They got us Monday night, then Tuesday.”

On Wednesday, it was time for reinforcements and Robnett had a camera installed. The footage showed two men taking stacks of shingles, worth $30 to $45 each. In total, thousands of dollars down the drain.

“It’s at least $5,000 I would say, probably closer to $6,000," Robnett said. “It really puts us in a bind.”

Contractors said it not only creates problems for the business, but also delayed repairs for roofs all over the area.

“I’ve never seen something like this,” Robnett said.

Added Schroder: “It’s real stressful”

Usually, materials are dropped off on the roof, but because there's so many scheduled repairs, suppliers are dropping shipments on the street, making it easier for thieves.