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Paxton Lynch gets reps with starters on second day of Broncos training camp

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —  The first day of Broncos training camp was Trevor Siemian’s to start practice.

On Friday at the second day, it was Paxton’s Lynch’s turn.

“Paxton is Paxton,” coach Vance Joseph said. “He is playing ball. He’s improving every day. Both guys are improving every day. The offense — I love it because we’re in attack mode all the time. That’s what I want.

“That’s my vision for the offense; it’s to attack defenses at all times and to score points. If we can do that, it will make a difference.”

Joesph has said Siemian and Lynch will get equal snaps in camp until a starter is named.

Charles dawns orange and blue

Jamaal Charles spent most of his career in Kansas City Chiefs red and white. This season, the color choice has changed to Broncos orange and blue.

“It’s football to me at the end of the day,” Charles said. “This is reality now. It’s time to worry about what I can control, and I’m here now and I can control that and let the past be behind. I’m happy to be here.”

Return of the Wolfe

Derek Wolfe missed the first day of training camp. His excuse was a good one.

“I had a rough night the other night,” he said. “I caught some kind of food poisoning or something. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. I was just stuck. I don’t eat seafood a lot, but I saw those crab legs and said, ‘Oh, I’ll just eat as many as I can. Big mistake. Huge. I’m back today and I feel great.”

That championship feeling

The Broncos defense knows it is one of the league’s best.

“You can feel all of the energy everyone’s coming out with under our new leadership with Vance,” linebacker Shane Ray said. “You just see how everybody’s buying into what we want to do this season as far as make another playoff run and make another Super Bowl run.

“It’s exciting to be out here every day.”

Broncos fans unite

There were 4,567 fans at the second day of camp. Training camp continues this weekend with practices Saturday, Sunday and Monday starting at 9:30 a.m.

The team will wear full pads for the first time in Sunday’s practice.