Ted Nugent endorses George Brauchler for governor of Colorado

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DENVER — Legendary rocker Ted Nugent is throwing his support behind Republican candidate George Brauchler for governor of Colorado.

“It is time to make Colorado Colorado again and we finally have the right man to get it done!” Nugent posted on Facebook .

“For all my gunloving, backstrap rockin real American ****kicker BloodBrothers in Colorado, check out George Brauchler for Governor,” Nugent wrote. “As Arapahoe District Attorney, he prosecuted the Aurora monster and knows full well that more gunlaws wouldn’t have made a damn difference in any democrat gunfree slaughtetzone!

“In fact, like the rest of us, he knows that creating a gunfreezone at the theater made those poor people targets. And he fully supports conceal carry training and the right to carry because it reduces crime…dramatically.”

Nugent said he heard Brauchler, the 18th Judicial District attorney, won the Western Conservative Summit gubernatorial straw poll on Sunday.

“Godbless Brauchler and show him your support! It’s time that the good people of Colorado get their state back!” Nugent finished.

Brauchler has not responded to the endorsement by Nugent.

Besides Brauchler, Republican candidates for governor include Doug Robinson, who is the nephew of Mitt Romney, and former state legislator Victor Mitchell.

Democrats include State Sen. Mike Johnston, former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy and businessman Noel Ginsburg.

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