S’mores Desserts

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Steuben’s S’mores Milkshake 


For Milkshake

1 Pint Steuben’s Chocolate Fudge Ripple Ice Cream


½ - ¾ c. Whole Milk


4 Large Marshmallows, Toasted

2 Graham Crackers



2 Tablespoons Graham Crackers, Coarsely Crushed


2 Tablespoons Fudge Sauce


1 Marshmallow, Toasted


¼ Cup Marshmallow Crème


1 large Chunk of Chocolate



  1.     Prepare the glass of the milkshake by dipping the rim in hot fudge sauce. Immediately dip again in crushed graham cracker crumbs. Set aside.


  1.     Toast the marshmallows with a blowtorch, over the grill or in the oven on broil. Set one aside for garnish.


  1.     Place Steuben’s Chocolate Fudge Ripple ice cream, milk, toasted marshmallows and graham crackers in the blender. Blend for around 30 seconds or until the mixtures is smooth and creamy. Pour into prepared glass.


  1.     Garnish the milkshake with marshmallow cream and lightly toast with a torch. Finish with a toasted marshmallow and a chunk of chocolate.


  1.     Serve with a straw and a spoon. Enjoy!


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