Ride shut down at Arapahoe County Fair out of ‘abundance of caution’ after Ohio State Fair accident

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AURORA, Colo -- Arapahoe County Fair organizers decided to shut down a ride out of respect for the victims of the accident at a fair in Ohio as well as out of caution pending the results of the investigation into the accident.

On Wednesday, the "Fireball" ride malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair, killing one person and injuring seven people.

The Fireball's manufacturer, KMG, also designed the "Freak Out," a ride featured at the Arapahoe County Fair. On Thursday, fair organizers decided to close the ride.

"Although this particular ride passed inspection and we heard from the manufacturer that it's OK to keep it going, we felt it would be best to not have the ride," Arapahoe County open spaces director Shannon Carter said.

After the accident, KMG instructed operators across the country to stop using the "Fireball," also called the "Afterburner," and its "Move-It" model until the investigation into the malfunction could determine what went wrong.

KMG said its "Freak Out" model is OK. Carter said even with that in mind, fair organizers still decided it was best to not operate it during the fair.

"We feel really comfortable about the ride, but we felt like out of respect for what happened, it will be best to shut it down," Carter said.

A spokesman for the state's Amusement Rides and Devices Program said all rides are inspected at the beginning of each season.

Then, ride operators must inspect the rides daily, and state inspectors can follow up and audit the log books.

After the incident in Ohio, the spokesman said it's not uncommon for inspectors to increase inspections locally.

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