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Elite online dating app for rich and pretty people to launch in Denver

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DENVER -- Dating has changed a lot in recent years.  Meeting people at bars has been replaced with swiping and liking online.

While dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble have been around Denver for a while, a new "elite" dating app is launching in Denver on Tuesday.

The League is an app that only accepts a select number of individuals who tend to be the wealthiest and prettiest in their city.

"We are very selective," League CEO Amanda Bradford said. "I like to say our users are overachievers."

Bradford said the dating app, which has been active in New York and San Francisco for a few years, has attracted the likes of professional athletes, doctors and lawyers.

The inaugural class in Denver has already been selected. Of the 9,755 who have applied, only 2,004 have been approved to join the app -- which is free for the chosen ones.

CEO Amanda Bradford speaks to guests at Denver's The League Launch Party July 20.

The top employers in the inaugural class are Charles Schwab, Deloitte and KPMG. The top jobs are founder, consultant and attorney.

"It is elitist," said Kevin Krauth, an entrepreneur and member of the inaugural class.

Guests arrive at the launch party at Avanti in Lohi neighborhood of Denver

But Krauth said what's the problem with that? After all other dating apps invite everyone, creating pools of people he has nothing in common with.

"I was on Tinder a while ago and I won't go back because it has gotten pretty trashy," Krauth said.

Desiree Martin, who is also a member of the inaugural class, said she is looking for ambitious individuals. It is why she is drawn to the app.

"I would much rather meet someone who has the same ideas as me and is maybe going toward the same goals as I am," Martin said.

As for Bradford, she said in New York, some people have waited years to join The League. It's unclear how long the waiting list will be in Denver.

It's also unclear how successful it will be.

Amber McCarthy, a Denver resident, is skeptical. Denver isn't New York or London, believing beers on a roof deck beat exclusive parties any day.

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