Goodbye, Coke Zero — hello Coke Zero Sugar (and a new recipe)

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ATLANTA — Coca-Cola announced Wednesday the company will relaunch Coke Zero as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in the U.S.

The new zero-calorie soda will have a red label and will have an “even better-tasting recipe.”

“It is a reinvention of Coke Zero,” CEO James Quincey said on Wednesday’s earnings conference call.

“It is part of what we call the one-brand strategy. It’s less switching between brands, which will ultimately help us keep and attract more consumers.”

As for the changing recipe, Coca-Cola said consumer testing of the new recipe was conducted for more than a year.

Coke Zero launched in 2005 as a rival to Diet Coke, which has decreased in popularity over the past 10 years.

Coke Zero Sugar is expected to launch in the U.S. in August, according to MSNBC. The soda has been introduced in Great Britain, Mexico and 25 other markets across the globe.