Colorado 14er Culebra Peak is for sale

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DENVER -- My friend and meteorologist Chris Tomer has a birthday coming up and this time, I want to surprise him.  But, the question is what to get a meteorologist who also happens to like climbing mountains, 14ers to be specific?

"How about climbing boots?" I ask.

"Got 'em," Chris said.

"How about a tent?" I continue.

"I already spent a lot of money on tents," Tomer said.

"OK, how about a sleeping bag?"

Tomer said nothing but held up a sleeping bag he happened to have in his left hand.

All right, if I can't bring the man to the mountain, how about I bring the mountain to the man?

Turns out, there is a mountain up for grabs. Actually it's a real 14er: Culebra Peak, located on the 83,000-acre Cielo Vista Ranch near San Luis.

"I did climb Culebra Peak back in 2009.  It was actually my final 14er," he said.

Tomer has climbed all 58 of Colorado's 14ers, but only Culebra Peak is up for sale.

"I paid $200 to summit, to stand on the summit of Culebra. It's on private property. You have to pay the ranch owners to actually climb it but that keeps the crowds down."

Perfect. Now I just have to pay for it.

After a little checking I discover the asking price for Culebra Peak and the Cielo Vista Ranch on which it sits is a cool $105 million.

OK, before I break into the kid's college fund, I better ask Tomer this one question, "Would you like to own Culebra Peak?'"

"I don't ever want to own it," he said. "Because I think you'll have people who will constantly be trying to come onto your property to climb it."

Well, don't want to get something the man doesn't want.

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