3 things to do when scammers call

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DENVER -- Do you get annoying phone calls from numbers you don't recognize?  Here are a few things to consider before you pick up the phone.

Don Enniga contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers when he had enough of phone calls from solicitors.

“They’d say this is a thing for your warranty or you just stayed at our resort,  we're going to offer you this stuff," he said.

He said when he tried to call them back to figure out who was calling so he could ask them to stop, he discovered the number belonged to a local doctor’s office.

Consumer protection experts say this is called spoofing.

An app allows scammers to use local numbers that look safe so you'll pick up the phone.

The Denver Better Business Bureau said the best way to protect yourself is to never answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize.

Let them go to voicemail so you can determine if they are legitimate.  If you do pick up a call from an unknown caller, avoid answering yes or no questions designed to record your voice for later use.

Never give out personal or financial information and contact your bank if you suspect you've fallen for a phone scam.

These days, you can also ask your phone company about spam alert services that notify you when calls are likely fraudulent.