Photos: The Wrecks perform We Are The Wrecks at Fillmore Auditorium

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Denver — Standing outside the Fillmore Auditorium and keeping dry during a light rain, I caught up with newcomers The Wrecks. Nick Anderson, Nick Schmidt, Aaron Kelley and Westen Weiss all dodging raindrops with me as we talked. Drummer Billy Nally was absent and out enjoying Denver as we caught up on the Last Young Renegade Tour.

Nick Anderson says, of touring with All Time Low, “crowds are awesome, they line up, get here early and are really accepting of opening acts.” The Wrecks are opening the show, which also includes Waterparks and SWMRS. Those crowds are lucky, it’s a great show.

When Nick Anderson polled the audience during their performance, even the fans who hadn’t yet heard their music had their arms in the air with excitement. During their single “Favorite Liar” there was a sing-a-long. Plenty of people have heard them for sure because it was loud. Their live set is twenty-five minutes of music that included all of the tracks on We Are The Wrecks EP and some new tunes. “James Dean” is a really strong crowd pleaser and will be nice to hear at home once it makes it on a recording.

They’re working on new music and Nick Anderson lit up with excitement to talk about it. He tells me, “one of the songs were did with Colin Brittain who did the new All Time Low record. Schmidt and I wrote that song with him and Alex (Gaskarth) from All Time Low. One of the songs that is on the (new) EP.” They recorded the rest in a barn in New York, Sea Leg Studios with Patrick Barry of the Barry Brothers. Anderson says, “he let us use his studio and we were living in Wellsville, New York. Driving there every single day. I produced it with our tech, slash sound guy, slash engineer, slash Google search engine master Andrew D’Angelo.” He added, “that makes five (songs) that we’ll be putting out hopefully toward the end of the summer.”

No matter how you get your music these days, I split time between streaming services and vinyl, if you love finding new music, We Are The Wrecks is a fun listen. I streamed it. Three songs loud and energetic.

Colorado rain plays a part in one of the last lines of their single “Favorite Liar.” The line says, “I remember waking up in Colorado you said it was raining.” Nick Anderson says, “it’s about raining, that’s kind of funny, the one day that we come to Colorado, it is raining. We’ll end our set, talking about reality.”

As our interview concluded, the guys grabbed a football, I asked what I’m missing and they said in chorus, “Billy, our drummer’s not here. We’ll replace him with this football, Wilson.” They dubbed the football after the Tom Hanks movie character, a Wilson volleyball. With that, they went running into the alley tossing the football around.

Touring can be a grind, lots of driving, playing shows and more driving. These guys are fun, their music is fun and it looks like they’re enjoying the moments. I enjoyed the time talking with them, parallel that to the lyrics in “Favorite Liar.” The song ends, “You made me love the rain.” It’s clear whatever they’re up to, wherever they are, they really love what they’re doing. Even tossing a football around on a wet day. They put a lot of heart into their music, playing for the fans and having fun.

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