Safety measures questioned after shooting at Tanner Gun Show

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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. -- There are new calls for increased safety measures at Colorado gun shows following the shooting of a man at the Tanner Gun Show on Saturday. The weekend shooting is not the first for what’s billed as the largest gun show in Colorado.

Adams County Sheriff’s investigators said the shooting appears to be an accident. The victim, shot in the leg, is expected to survive.

“Somehow a round went off, and he ended up shooting his partner,” a gun show participant explained.

The shooting, at the Denver Merchandise Mart off 58th Avenue and I-25 in Adams County, was the third reported shooting in or just outside the Tanner Gun Show over the past nine years .

There are reports of a man accidently shooting himself in his stomach outside the show in 2008. Two years later, in 2010, deputies were called when someone shot a man in his upper torso. The latest shooting, on Saturday, ended with a bullet inside a man’s leg and another in handcuffs.

A vendor was setting up a case when a gun discharged and hit an employee, according to investigators. On Sunday, reaction to the shooting was mixed amid calls for safety regulations.

“There are criminals, no matter what you do,” explained a gun show visitor. “I don’t think it’s going to make a difference-- whatever regulations they put in place.”

Most people at the Tanner Gun Show, fully supporting the Second Amendment, do not believe in any safety regulations or gun show licensing requirements. Other gun lovers told FOX31 they don’t mind.

“More safety and more regulations because it’s just not adults, it’s families with the kids [at the show],” a show participant said.

Signs stating “no loaded guns” are posted throughout the show’s venue area. FOX31 pressed the Tanner Gun Show for comment on Sunday-- asking about safety procedures-- but organizers said they will not comment until the Adams County Sheriff’s Office has finished its investigation.

It’s unclear what kind of changes the suspect in the latest shooting could face.