Indiana woman calls off $30,000 wedding, invites homeless to reception

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CARMEL, Ind. — An Indiana woman who was scheduled to get married this weekend will instead spend the day helping the homeless, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Sarah Cummins, 25, has spent the past few years planning the wedding. The Purdue University pharmacy student spent years saving and working overtime to pay for the $30,000 ceremony and reception.

But she called it off last weeks for unknown reasons.  She had a nonrefundable contract for a venue and dinner for 170 guests.

“It was really devastating to me. I called everyone, canceled, apologized, cried, called vendors, cried some more, and then I started feeling really sick about just throwing away all the food I ordered for the reception,” Cummins told the newspaper.

She then thought the food to serve those less fortunate could be use and provide something positive for herself.

Cummins worked with the venue’s event planner to rearrange the reception area, then contacted homeless shelters in Indianapolis and Noblesville, Indiana, to invite residents to the reception.

Cummins arranged for two buses to pick up about 150 residents and their families.

The dinner will take place in the garden pavilion. The residents from the homeless shelter will eat bourbon-glazed meatballs, goat cheese and roasted garlic bruschetta, chicken breast with artichokes and Chardonnay cream.

For dessert, there’s the wedding cake.

“I will at least have some kind of happy memory to pull from. I’ve worked so many weekends and so much overtime to pay for this, I wanted to make sure it would be the perfect wedding,” Cummins told the newspaper.

Cummins said if she’s not too emotional, she will stay for the dinner with her mother and her two sisters.

Afterward, she will leave for the Dominican Republic on her honeymoon by herself.

“I’m going by myself. I’m nervous, but I feel like it will be really good strength building for me. I want that time alone,” Cummins said.

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