Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville welcomes 50,000th Baby

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LOUISVILLE, Colo. — Early Friday morning, doctors and nurses at Avista Adventist Hospital welcomed the 50,000th baby born at the hospital.

The baby girl, Clara Cookson, is from Superior and born to first-time parents.

“Every birth is special but it adds a touch of excitement to be part of reaching a milestone, and this is a very sweet family,” a doctor involved with the delivery said.

For the nonprofit hospital, 50,000 is a lot of babies. Based on data from the American Hospital Association, only nine other small to medium size hospitals in the country perform more deliveries.

Over the course of 27 years, Avista Adventist Hospital has welcomed to the world more than double the population of Louisville, roughly four times the population of Superior, nearly half the population of Boulder and nearly one baby for every seat at Coors Field.

The hospital was built in 1990 and has becoming a booming business for welcoming babies.

“We’ve gone from four babies in a week, to sometimes four babies in an hour these days, it’s thrilling to witness that kind of growth and even more exciting to be a part of bringing 50,000 babies into the world,” said childbirth educator Carla Downing.

The first three babies born at Avista Adventist in 1990 were also girls.

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