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5 ways to save at the grocery store

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Did you know that food costs represent the third largest expense of a household’s monthly budget. The average monthly food cost at home for a family of 4 per week for families with kids under 5 is $204, and for families of four with kids 6 and over is $244 per week, or $12,688 a year. There are some simple ways to reduce this expense and pay less for groceries every year. Follow these tips and you will see your grocery bills decline over time.

  1. Create a shopping list and stick to your list while shopping
  2. Use free uGrocery app to create your list based on advertised and unadvertised sales across local stores each week, compare prices for your list real time and shop the cheapest store each week
  3. Plan your meals around what’s on sale
  4. Stock up on meat, pantry staples and household essentials when the prices are 50% off base or greater
    1. Pasta, detergent, paper towels, canned foods, chicken and cheese also freeze easily
  5. Use coupons for additional savings – grocery store digital coupons only take a minute to

check out uGrocery.com for more advice.