Greeley woman wants out of dark, hot apartment

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GREELEY, Colo. -- A disabled woman in Greeley, forced to choose between running her air conditioning and keeping her refrigerator on, has found relief.

The insulin Sylvia Valerio depends on is inside the refrigerator, but hot summer temperatures make her home unbearable without air conditioning.

She said there are other problems,.

“The toilet leaks out, the shower leaks out, we have no stove," she said.

Valerio must cook on a hot plate, but using it only knocks out the power again, leaving her with no lights or gas.

She uses a lantern borrowed from a concerned neighbor.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers found the landlord, who informed Valerio of the power issues in the old home before she moved in and didn’t realize she wanted her security deposit back -- despite her insistence that he would not communicate with her.

In the end, she will have her security deposit returned, giving her the money she needs to move to another apartment that will be safer and more comfortable.