Unusual things to grill

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Chef Jason Morse from 5280 Culinary shows us how to grill fried rice and make macaroni and cheese.

● 1 Tbsp Oil, Vegetable
● 1 Cup Pepper, Green, Julienned preparation time:
● 1 Cup Pepper, Red, Julienned 10 minutes
● 1 Cup Onion, Red, Julienned
● 1/4 Cup Onion, Green, Sliced
● 1 Cup Brisket, Cooked, Shredded
● 2 Cups Rice, Spanish style cooking time:
● 1/4 Cup Stock, Chicken 12 minutes
● 1 Tbsp Oink Rub by 5280 Culinary
● 2 Tbsp High Altitude BBQ Sauce by 5280 Culinary

1 Heat saute pan or wok on Gas grill on high heat, for 10-12 minutes Wok
2 Add the oil and heat for 30 seconds
3 Add the peppers, onions and green onions
4 Saute for 3-5 minutes or until lightly browned cooking tool settings:
5 Add the brisket and saute for 3-5 minutes or until hot Gas Grill High
6 Add the rice and stock and saite until hot
7 Season with Oink as heavy or as light as you prefer
8 Finish with High Alitude BBQ sauce
9 Serve hot
10 Goes great with more brisket or bbq chicken

Chef J's Baked Mac and Cheese

● 2 Box Pasta, Barilla, Pronto Penne (12oz) (partially cooked)
● 1 Stick Butter, Salted, Cubed preparation time:
● 4 Cups Half and Half
● 1 Jar Sauce, Alfredo, Barilla - 14.5oz 10 minutes
● 1 cup Stock, chicken
● 6 oz Cheese, Quesadilla, Shredded
● 6 oz Cheese, Cheddar Blend, Shredded cooking time:
● 4 oz Cheese, Parmesan, Shredded
● 1.5 Cup Chili, Green, Roasted and Chopped (you pick heat level) 40-60 Minutes
● 2 Tbsp Rub, Oink - 5280 Culinary/BBQ Provisions
● 1 Tbsp Rub, Rub a Dub - 5280 Culinary/BBQ Provisions cooking tool:
2 Cups Bacon, Cooked, Chopped (thick bacon, applewood or maple)

1 Spray a Medium 8x11 aluminum diposable pan or oven safe pan with non stick spray
2 Preheat oven, grill or smoker to
3 Add the pasta to the pan
4 Add the cubed butter, chicken stock, half and half and alfredo sauce cooking tool settings:
Mix this into the pasta
5 Add the Hatch Green chiles and seasonings
6 Mix in the chiles and seasoning , then top with the cheese
7 Cover with aluminum foil
8 Place into the oven, grill or smoker and bake covered for 40 minutes

Open the cover and stir well, if the pasta is soft, fully remove the foil and
brown. If pasta is not soft, cover & cook in 10 min increments until done
10 if using a smoker, turn to smoke setting and smoke for 10 minutes
11 if desired top with cheese and bread crumbs and melt for a nice crust
12 Remove from the oven, grill or smoker, stir and serve

Cooking tool setting:

375 Degrees Traeger
375 Degrees Oven
375 Degrees Grill
375 Degrees Big Green Egg