Subaru enthusiasts warn of recent thefts

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DENVER -- Subaru vehicles are not only hot for car buyers in Colorado but also for thieves, according to a group of Colorado Subaru enthusiasts.

Reports of recent thefts have members of Simply Subie Colorado warning fellow drivers. Subaru vehicles edge into the top 10 list for commonly stolen cars in Colorado.

Subaru vehicles are consistently ranked as one of the most popular brands for cars in Colorado -- making Subaru parts hard to come by and expensive, according to experts.

A leader of Simply Subie Colorado, Levi Runsick, said 10 Subaru vehicles have been stolen from his members in Colorado over the past week.

“It’s so bad,” Runsick said. “We don’t even want to host meets now. I don’t even want to take the club to big shows.”

Cars such as Honda Civics and Accords top the list of stolen cars in Colorado. AAA Colorado said that's partly because of Honda Civics’ and Accords’ longevity -- resulting in more older cars still on the road without new anti-theft protections.

Experts said using steering wheel locks, investing in an alarm system and keeping valuables out of sight are some of the best tips to preventing vehicle theft.