Teen employee temporarily suspended after paying for police officer’s order

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KATY, Texas — A teen restaurant employee who did something kind for a police officer ended up being punished instead.

Zack Randolph, 18, was working at Great American Cookies at Katy Mills Mall on July 2 when he offered to pay for a police officer who placed an order, KRIV reports.

The people in line behind the officer reportedly did not like Randolph’s gesture.

“He was told you know you’re probably going to get fired,” his mom, Tami Randolph, told KRIV.

“He’s just a really nice guy and on top of that he has a badge.  That’s enough for me to buy him something.  That’s the least I can do,” Zack Randolph told KRIV.

Zack Randolph added he did not use his employee discount but instead paid the full price for the $2.75 brownie.

Zack Randolph told KRIV that after he paid for the officer’s desert, a man and a woman behind the officer also asked for a free desert and allegedly got upset when he did not pay for their order.

“He put his daughter down and came around to the side and was about to come back and come at me and thankfully my assistant manager and my co-worker stopped him,” Zack Randolph said.

The teen was later told he would be written up and suspended for a week. That caused his mom to take to Facebook, bringing more attention to the situation.

Her Facebook post was shared more than 6,800 times, leading to a change of heart from the company.

In a statement to the Houston Chronicle, Great American Cookies said it decided to reverse the suspension after deciding the teen was “in the right.”

“On behalf of Great American Cookies Katy Mills, we owe the employee an apology. It was never an issue that he purchased a brownie for a police officer, but rather the events that unfolded with another customer in line at the time. However, after further review, we realize that the employee was in fact in the right and we continue to reach out to him and his mom to issue an apology. The corrective action and suspension was reversed immediately and we hope to connect with him today.”

The statement added the company “proudly supports law enforcement, first responders and all who serve our country.”

Despite the trouble, the teen said he would do it again.

“A lot of people I know my age don’t support police officers.  I don’t think it’s fair,” he told KRIV.