Massive pile of trash continues to grow at Englewood condo complex

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Condominium residents want answers as to why a large pile of trash continues to grow and overflow the dumpsters at their complex and a garbage service hasn't picked it up.

Normally, a trash service comes by three times a week to empty the dumpsters for the Fox Run Lofts and Fox Run at Centennial Condominiums.

However, residents said the dumpsters have only been emptied once in the past two weeks and as a result, a smelly mound of garbage has overwhelmed the dumpsters and covering the ground around it.

"Anytime you go to work, you're going to see it. Any time the wind shifts, you're going to smell it. It's an enormous health hazard," Nick Kramer said.

Residents said the problem stems from a dispute between the homeowners association that governs the condominiums and the complex.

"No one is paying the trash bill so we as tenants are stuck with this," Julie Block said.

"They point fingers at them, they point fingers at them and we are the ones that have no say, no voice and live with this," Jim Craig said.

The HOA president said he's not sure why the trash hasn't been picked up. However, he said it does not have anything to do with the dispute between the two sides.

Residents worry the large pile of trash baking in the sun is quickly becoming a health hazard.

"You know, if we had any rats or anything, mice, they would be big as dogs with as much stuff that's laying on the ground," Craig said.

"This what you see and it's shameful, its shameful," Block said.