Stapleton residents see spike in car break-ins

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DENVER -- Residents in Denver's Stapleton neighborhood have reported dozens of car break-ins recently.

The residential area requires many homeowners to park on the street that could make them targets for thieves.

A large lit-up sign near Central Park warns drivers of potential break-ins. The Denver Police Department warns everyone in the metro area to be on high alert.

"These criminals are very good at it. It can happen so quickly, it would amaze you," police spokesman John White said.

Residents report criminal activity in the area and attribute it to their suburb-like neighborhood that's still within city limits.

"It’s a pretty busy street as well, so I think that’s why people target my street and my house. I'm just very careful about leaving nothing in my car so there's nothing in sight," resident Sydney Johnston said.

Police advise residents to make sure valuables are out of plain sight, to lock doors and park in a well-lit area.

"We’re in a city. It feels like we’re in the suburbs, but we’re actually right in Denver so you expect things to happen in Denver," resident Yee-Ann Cho said.