Pregnant mom of 3 gets relief from the heat thanks to generous donor

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DENVER -- Itzel Ortiz told the FOX31 Problem Solver she’d spent over a month trying to get the Artisan Apartments to fix her broken air conditioner.

Ortiz is eight months pregnant and her son has asthma; she worried about her kids in the hot apartment as temperatures rose outside.

After her story Friday night, an anonymous donor stepped forward.

The donor purchased a portable air conditioning unit for the apartment, offering some relief until the apartment fixes her AC.

“I am really grateful that she thought about my family,” said Ortiz. “My heart was so warm that she, there are actually nice people out there that care.”

Original story posted below: 

A pregnant mother of three said she's tried relentlessly to get her air conditioning fixed since it went out last month and she said her apartment complex still hasn't fixed it. Now, with temperatures rising, she said her apartment is unbearable to be in with her little ones.

Itzel Ortiz lives at The Artisan Apartments with her three children and she's expecting a fourth in August.

"It's hard living here because we are all really sweaty and we're all hot and we're all miserable," said Ortiz.

Ortiz said she's visited the The Artisan Apartment's office every other day to talk to them about her broken air conditioner.

"[Maintenance] comes, and they move it a little and they say they'll be back and they never come back," said Ortiz. "They send me a work order receipt saying it's been fixed, when it hasn't."

Ortiz said she's at the point where she either wants her AC fixed, or she wants to be let out of her lease because she's worried about her kids.

"It's suffocating in here," said Ortiz. "My son is 3, he has asthma and his asthma acts up more when it's hot."

Plus, Ortiz said this heat will put stress on her newborn who is supposed to arrive in August.

"I am actually really scared to bring her into this world to this apartment because it's so hot in here," said Ortiz. "They are so little and so fragile, it hurts them."

FOX31 called The Artisan Apartments and visited its office. The management refused to answer questions about Ortiz' AC problem.

For now, Ortiz said she's forced to take her children back and forth to her mom's house with working AC to give them relief from the heat.