Million-dollar coffeemaker serves customers at DIA

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DENVER -- Java, mud, cup-o-joe, whatever you call it, you know you love it.  Matter of fact, at Denver International Airport, there are about 13 spots to get your hot.

But now there's a new one that stands out -- or stands up. They call it the Java Bot, a state of the art, space age coffee machine.

The Java Bot is the brainchild of Mike Caswell, founder and owner of The Roasting Plant, the coffee shop that houses the Java Bot.

One look, listen and smell and you'll know right away this ain't your daddy's Mr. Coffee.

With nine types of coffees from which to choose, there are more than 6,000 combinations of demitasse to be had. Coffee heaven.

The Java Bot cost more than $1 million to design and hundreds of thousands to actually build.

Green, unroasted coffee beans go in one end, and the most delicious and fresh cup of coffee comes out the other. It kind of looks like a robot from Lost in Space.

It takes less than a minute after you order to be served. And the sizes?  Small, medium and large. You gotta love that.

The Roasting Plant is located on the bottom floor at the Westin Hotel at DIA.