Meet in the Street returns to Denver for fourth year

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DENVER — The typically active 16th Street Mall in Denver will become more vibrant for several Saturdays this summer.

Meet in the Street will transform, providing activities such as extended outdoor cafes, live music from more than 30 bands and deejays, crafting classes, cultural performances and more.

The event begins Saturday and continues each Saturday through Aug. 26.

“Meet in the Street is a showcase of the power of the 16th Street Mall as a shared public space,” said Tami Door, president and CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership.

Also debuting on Saturday is the My 16th Street 2017 Meet in the Street prototyping series, a celebration of the 16th Street Mall as a shared public space where people contribute to its vitality and explore ways participatory design, art and technology can build stronger connections between people.

Local designers, artists and makers who are passionate about our city have engaged in the city building process providing prototypes that showcase their exciting ideas for improving our public spaces and how we use them make our city more beautiful and inviting.

Guests will also see other activities along the 16th Street Mall.

  • Come Together Denver is a bench that catalyzes conversation and encourages people to speak with each other.
  • B l u r is a unique spatial experience inspired by the daily movements on the Mall, environmentally and physically, creating a great sense of place.
  • The Deck is a temporary performance stage, micro-cinema, and street gallery that provides a platform for both impromptu and planned events throughout Meet in the Street.
  • ZENver is an ever-changing landscape in the heart of Downtown. Each participant can tell their own story through lines in the sand. Inspired by Japanese rock gardens, this modern update reconnects people with nature — helping reduce stress and boosting their wellbeing.
  • Wheels Go Round is an incubation project improving from last year’s design. Wheels Go Round leverages spinning bicycle wheels to hear their distinct and unexpected sounds and an opportunity to stand and create a unique urban symphony.
  • Ghost Tree is placed in the spot of a missing tree to highlight the importance urban tree canopy and value trees bring to the public spaces.
  • Rainbow Street Seating creates layered and abstract shaped seating that encourages interaction to transform pieces to create unique urban topographies that function as a street playground, a concert stage, a place to meet up and more.

On Saturday, and July 15 and 22, RTD’s free MallRide service will be detoured to 15th and 17th streets from Curtis Street to Broadway, and nine mall restaurants will have extended outdoor patios.

On Saturdays from July 29 to Aug. 26 the MallRide service will maintain its standard route and schedule.

Each day of Meet in the Street will bring something different, with programming support from several community partners and organizations.

Highlighted activities for the eight weekends include live music, performances by the Black Actors Guild, a cornhole tournament, floral crown making classes and flash mob yoga.