Week after deadly shooting in Denver, families still searching for answers

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DENVER -- The families of two men shot last week at East 29th Avenue and York Street are searching for answers.

Don Sperow, 25, was killed and Troy Funches, 40, remains in critical condition.

The suspects in the double shooting have not been caught, though police say it's an active investigation.

On Friday, Kelsey Wolf clutched the cremated remains of the man she calls her soulmate.

“He was my everything,” she said of Don Sperow.

She said she can't understand his death.

“There were just so many, so many shots. Just shot after shot,” Wolf said.

The two were hanging out with friends at Good Boys Automotive Repair shop when Sperow and Funches stepped outside.

“Don and my little brother had gone outside right over in that area and I was sitting down doing paperwork and I heard something that didn’t sound like fireworks,” said Fred McCoy, the shop owner and brother of Funches.

“I just remember running out of the building and to Don where I found him by that pole. He was still alive at the time so I held him,” Wolf said.

She said Sperow was shot at least six times.

“He got to say I love you to me and I got to say I love you to him,” Wolf said of her last moments with him.

McCoy said his brother was also hit by six bullets.

“Stomach, stomach and four times in the back,” he said.

He said Funches is still in the hospital with a collapsed lung, punctured liver, and wounds to his stomach and back.

“It's devastating. It's something that you don’t want to see,” McCoy said.

McCoy and Wolf are hoping the shooters are caught.

“They meant to kill. They didn’t want nobody to walk away,” McCoy said.

“I would let them know what they’ve done and who they’ve left behind. We had so many plans together,” Wolf said.

She’s looking for closure that doesn’t come with holding him tight, only with finding the answer to why.

“It will never be the same,” McCoy said.

“Sit there and just ask them why, why over and over again,” Wolf said.

The case is still under investigation. Witnesses say they only saw a red Ford Fusion fleeing the scene. ​