Survey: Colorado drivers among most polite in country

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LAKEWOOD, N.J. — Drivers in Colorado have been named some of the most polite drivers in America, according to a survey by Kars4Kids.

As part of a summer awareness campaign to promote better driving habits, drivers in each state were asked questions such as, “How often do you signal?” or “Would you steal someone’s parking spot?”

Colorado was ranked the seventh-most polite, with an overall grade of A-minus.

Colorado scored higher than most neighboring states, with the exception of New Mexico, which was ranked second on the list.

Colorado drivers gave the most polite answers to the question, “When a car is trying to pass you on the left do you: a) Maintain your speed, b) Increase your speed?” and the question, “Do you signal before turning or merging?”

The survey also found the most courteous region of the U.S. is the West, the most polite age range is 51 to 64 years old, and that women are more courteous than men.

Idaho topped the list with the most polite drivers, followed by New Mexico, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Washington, Vermont and New Hampshire.

A study last month by QuoteWizard found the Denver metro area had the ninth-worst drivers in the country.