Denver Zoo welcomes new Amur tiger from Moscow

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DENVER — A 3-year-old Amur tiger is getting used to his new home at the Denver Zoo after arriving from the Moscow Zoo on Saturday.

The 450-pound tiger named Martin is still in quarantine and will not be visible to zoo visitors for at least a month.

Martin is getting to know his caretakers and is learning behaviors that will allow him to assist in his own health care.

When he’s ready, Martin will join 6-year-old Nikita, and 7-year-old brothers Thimbu and Nikolai in the zoo’s newest habitat, The Edge, which includes elevated lofts where the tigers walk 12 feet above visitors.

Zookeepers hope Martin will eventually mate with Nikita as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ species survival plan.

Once called Siberian tigers, there are only an estimated 400 Amur tigers left in the wild, mostly in the Far to Far East part of Asia along the Amur River.