Animal shelters gear up for busiest day of year for runaway pets

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DENVER -- The Fourth of July is a great time for celebration, but it's also an extremely busy day at animal shelters across the Front Range.

July 4 is the No. 1 day for pets to go missing because of fireworks.

The best thing to do is keep pets indoors in a quiet, isolated room during the celebration. Experts say to not bring pets to a fireworks display.

A veterinarian might supply a mild tranquilizer to sedate pets. Experts also say to do something as a distraction. Pets also should be equipped with ID in case they get away.

“We can put them in a closed room, no windows, play some music with white noise or we can spend time with them during the event or try the thunder shirt that will calm them down and make them more secure," veterinarian Kevin Fitzgerald said.