Virginia man caught on camera burning American flag outside house

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Police in Virginia have charged a man after an American flag outside a Richmond, Virginia, home was set on fire last week.

The incident was caught on camera.

Andrew Rosas, 26, turned himself in on Wednesday evening and was charged with arson, WTVR reports.

"This is vandalism and you have somebody that totally disregards the safety of the people around there," homeowner James Tanner said. "It is also totally disregard what the flag represents."

Tanner found his flag in ashes when he woke up Wednesday morning. A neighbor told WTVR that he was relieved the incident wasn’t worse.

"The whole front porch could have caught on fire. Now, knowing it was one of my neighbors, my house could have caught on fire. So it could have been a really bad situation," neighbor Joseph Lawson said.

"You got to know how controversial that is, whether he's trying to make a protest or not."

It is unknown if Rosas will face additional charges. Burning a flag with malice is a misdemeanor in Virginia.

"I don't think this was about burning an American flag. I think this is about, well, I can't get this unhooked so I'm just going to catch it on fire," Tanner said.

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