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Questions raised after protesters arrested outside Sen. Gardner’s office

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DENVER -- Ten mostly disabled protesters were arrested outside Sen. Cory Gardner's office in Denver on Thursday night.

According to Gardner's office, while a representative of the senator signed the complaint asking for police assistance, they did so after several businesses in the building complained.

"I'm  going to fight it. I think I have the right to assemble in a public location like the senator's office," said Carrie Lucas, who was one the 10 arrested.

Lucas is making the case because taxpayers pay for Gardner's office space, she should be able to access it.

"I'm willing to go back to his office. I don't know if they'll let us back inside, but we'll certainly be back outside," Lucas said.

Unlike Sen. Michael Bennet, who has a less corporate office building near the State Capitol, Gardner's office is in a downtown skyscraper with other clients such as Halibarton and Chase.

Lucas was not booked in the county jail because she is on a ventilator. But the other nine protesters remained in custody until at least 5 p.m. Friday.

It was not immediately clear when the nine would be released although deputies suggested Saturday morning at the latest.

A request to interview Gardener was denied, though he did issue an earlier statement.

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