How to play pickle ball

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Pickleball is a sport invented back in the ‘80’s by a Seattle couple who wanted a backyard sport to play with their young children.

That backyard idea has now blossomed into a worldwide sport that’s growing in popularity.

The emphasis is on “family”. It’s a game for both young and old . The game is similar to tennis and ping pong but it’s played on a court that’s smaller than a tennis court but bigger than a ping pong table.

You use paddles and a rubberized whiffle ball. It’s not a power game but rather a placement game where you’re not allowed to rush the net and slam the ball.

You have to stay behind something called the “kitchen” line, 7 feet behind the net, so you can’t slam making it a game for families as well as active seniors.

You only score when you serve. The game goes to 11 points, you have to win by 2.

There’s the double bounce rule which means your serve has to bounce once and the return has to bounce once, from there it’s anyone’s game. But remember, you must stay behind the “kitchen” line.

For more information on the rules and the game itself, google “pickleball” on YouTube or go to the website pickleballken.Org for all the pickleball court locations in the metro Denver area.

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