Demonstrators await release of protesters taken to jail after sit-in at Sen. Gardner’s office

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DENVER -- Nine health care protesters removed from Sen. Cory Gardner's office Thursday evening and taken to Denver jail were still in the jail late Friday night.

They spent nearly 60 hours in the senator's office, demanding that he vote no on the health care bill the Senate is working on.

Thirty hours later, they were still in jail and a group of demonstrators was outside in downtown Denver waiting for their release.

Denver County Sheriff Patrick Firman talked to the crowd about the situation late Friday night.

He said it's a long process that takes some time and deputies ran into some issues at the jail on Thursday and Friday nights.

More than 60 people were already in intake before the arrested protesters arrived Thursday night.

Then the computer system crashed twice Friday, slowing the processing of the protesters and their release.

They were expected to be released sometime overnight into Saturday morning.

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