Fireworks restrictions in some Colorado cities easing up

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DENVER -- As much as we like to sing about the rockets' red glare, on our nation's birthday, we like to touch off a few, too.  But when it comes to fireworks, Dirty Harry said it best, "A man's gotta' know his limitations."

It all depends on where you live.

For example, fireworks of any kind in Denver are still illegal. Unless you think $1,000 fine is worth lighting up a sparkler, perhaps you should consider another city.

Like Aurora. It recently lifted its ban on fireworks that don't go bang and don't leave the ground. The thinking is if it's done out in the open, people will do it safer.

Aeron Calkins, owner of Olde Glory Fireworks in unincorporated Adams County, is very pleased about Aurora's ease of fireworks restrictions.

"This business is very confusing in Colorado, and so that relieves some of that confusion," Calkins said. "It also lessens the phone calls we get every year for where they are allowed. This actually helps."

Bottom line, wherever you live, if you light do it right and stay out of the pokey for the night.

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