Displaced Lakewood apartment residents told to find new accommodations

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- People who once lived in the Maplewood Village Apartments might be forced to move again.

More than 80 residents, many of them families, have been staying in a motel since the roof of their apartment building collapsed on June 18, causing them to evacuate.

Their paid weeklong stay at the motel expires Monday and the residents have been told to find another place to live.

"They told my stepsister they are going to tear the building down and many people lost their stuff, but the manager is not letting them in," resident Ruben DeLavalle said.

The cause of the collapse has been blamed on roofers who stacked too many shingles on top of the roof.

The American Red Cross said it's working with the apartment owners and the city of Lakewood to come up with a temporary shelter for the displaced residents.