Artistic tribute to firefighters installed at Denver International Airport

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DENVER — A new artistic tribute to the Denver Fire Department has been completed at Denver International Airport.

The tribute, titled “Beacon,” is a signature piece of art at the airport’s Fire Station 35.

Seattle-based artist Steve Gardner is responsible for the design. According to a spokesman, he used laser-cut aluminum and fused glass work to complete the work of art.

The artwork was inspired by the Denver Fire Department’s connection and service to the airport and its passengers.

Denver International Airport

The project was funded by the city’s 1 percent for art ordinance, which, according to the city, dedicates money from new construction projects to public art.

The cost of the project was $200,000.

“Backlit at night, the piece is intended to create the sense of a ‘beacon,’ shining over the surrounding area. Aerial views of downtown Denver and airport street grids and geography provide a background to the central image of the traditional firefighters’ Maltese cross,” according to a statement.

“According to the artist, a symbolic beam of light and energy is projected outward and over neighborhood and airport streets, symbolizing the firefighters’ vigilance and protection of the communities they serve. The piece also includes glass cast reliefs of the equipment and tools that the firefighters use.”