Veterans, firefighters work to protect homes from future wildfires in Lakewood

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Military veterans, firefighters, and parks and recreation people got together Saturday to take action to protect homes from wildfires.

The big project in the Green Mountain area was aimed at removing heavy brush and trees in the open space next to private properties.

Some of that growth came up to wooden fences, so removing it would reduce the risk of wildfires spreading to the homes.

"A lot of wildland fuels as we call them that have accumulated over the years up against property lines and many of those property lines have wooden fences that basically, in the event of a fire, are just another type of fuel," West Metro firefighter and paramedic Steve Orr said.

A wildfire on April 19 burned in the area where the work was done Saturday.

"Most of us are from the Denver area. This is where we live so these are our neighbors, this is our community," said Michael Lloyd, a Navy veteran who is a member of Team Rubicon.

"This is a great opportunity for us to exercise some skills, get out and get dirty for a day, and help a community out that needs some help."

Team Rubicon is a military veterans volunteer group that works with first responders to rapidly deploy teams in case of disaster. It helped organize Saturday's mitigation efforts.

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Veterans volunteering with Team Rubicon work on wildfire mitigation project on
Green Mountain in Lakewood, Colorado

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